In addition to the DuraCloud user testimonials below, more information is available regarding customer use cases.


"> "As a small liberal arts college starting a new Digital Humanities Initiative with limited resources and programming staff, DuraCloud has allowed us to explore cutting edge media collection storage and services with the full support of the DuraCloud team. Our experiences have been very positive and we look forward to continuing our work with DuraCloud and the development of DuraCloud as a robust platform for preservation and collaborative digital scholarship."

"The benefit of DuraCloud is storing files on the Internet outside of our institution and on a large scale storage provider. Off-site storage is the key to keeping digital content available for years."

"The potential for DuraCloud is very high. By hiding the complexity and idiosyncrasies of multiple storage providers behind a single interface and a suite of tools, it delivers the benefits of a diverse network of storage locations, but without the overhead of managing different vendors. It brings together the best of both worlds. ~Bryan Beecher"

"DuraCloud has grown into a workable tool that permits technical and non-technical staff to accomplish complex workflows using only a web browser and off-site compute time and storage. It bridges the gap between normal users and cloud-based services very well. Nothing else provides the exact combination of services that DuraCloud can provide."

"It's great to see DuraSpace's commitment to digital preservation and the thoughtful approach they have taken in providing a solution that is scalable and very reliable. DuraCloud provides a robust infrastructure to support digital preservation of content in our institutional repository, along with services that enhance the delivery and integrity of the content."

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