DuraCloud stores your content in the cloud, but its automated services do a lot more.

Storage and Preservation Services

Backup and Syncing
DuraCloud automatically copies your content onto several different cloud storage providers. Simply subscribe to the DuraCloud service and choose two or more cloud storage providers and DuraCloud will ensure that all copies of your content remain synchronized.

In addition, the DuraCloud service ensures that whenever you upload new content, all the copies we manage for you get the same exact content. The duplication occurs when a change is made to your content, which means that the service watches for all content that is added or updated in your DuraCloud account, determines if it should be copied to another DuraCloud storage site, and copies the content when necessary.

Health Checkup
We make it easy to verify the integrity of files stored with cloud providers. Our health checking service lets you verify that the content you have stored in DuraCloud is safe and secure. This service makes it easy to see that uploads have happened flawlessly, and it also makes it easy to check weeks or months later to ensure that your content has remained healthy as it has been stored in DuraCloud. 

The DuraCloud health checking service verifies the integrity of your content by collecting the content checksum values for each item from the underlying storage provider, streaming through each item while recalculating their checksums, and comparing the two listings. The service then generates a report that is available to you in the DuraCloud dashboard. And the best part is that the DuraCloud health checking service runs automatically in the background, so you never have to worry about the health of your content. DuraCloud has you covered.

Upload Tools
DuraCloud is flexible; there are several stand-alone tools and command-line utilities that give you more direct ways to upload content to DuraCloud, synchronize several copies, or download from the cloud to your own computer. And because DuraCloud is based on open source software, you could even create your own tools to interact with DuraCloud.

Media and Access Services

Video and Audio Streaming
DuraCloud can stream video and audio files directly from DuraCloud to any internet-linked device. Users like the media streaming service because the videos load quickly. You will like it because it doesn't tie up your servers. The DuraCloud media streamer is based on Amazon’s Cloudfront service which uses the Flash Media Server to host streaming files over RTMP in MP3, MP4, FLV, and other formats. It is designed to allow for easily embedding media in your web site and has several options for customization.