Preservation and Archiving

The Problem:

It isn't easy to keep up with preservation and archiving standards. Maintaining several copies of digital content is complicated enough. Now add in the expense and overhead of storing copies in different geographic locations with different vendors, and it can become a nightmare. Just keeping those copies synchronized and checking on their health can be a full-time job.

The Solution:

DuraCloud makes preserving and archiving your content simple. With one click, you can easily make as many copies of your content as you’d like and store those copies with several different cloud storage providers. We provide one web-based interface where you can view all of that content. DuraCloud integrates directly with cloud storage providers, so you can choose among ways to administer and distribute your content, without the overhead of doing it yourself. We also offer simple ways to keep your copies automatically synchronized. And our health checkup services allow you to verify the health of ALL of your content at any time you’d like. DuraCloud makes it easy to preserve and archive your content - as many copies as you want.

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