Online Sharing

The Problem:

It isn't easy for scholars to collaborate online. When those scholars and the content they are working with is located across the globe, the task is even more complicated. They need to view the content, download only the content they are interested in, and upload new content for their collaborators to use.

The Solution:

DuraCloud allows scholars who collaborate while working half a world away from one another to get further faster. DuraCloud has a web-based interface to all of the content you have stored in the cloud, so everyone can work with the same sources. The DuraCloud dashboard lets scholars easily upload and download content any time they wish. It's also easy to add tags and metadata to content through our interface. And when other scholars want to join, adding them to the list of collaborators is a breeze. DuraCloud makes it easy for you to give researchers the tools they need to conduct collaborative online research, as well as to share your content with a broader community and the world.

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