Online Backup

The Problem:

Backing up a large digital repository on tape drives or other traditional storage devices is time-consuming and it can be difficult to keep everything synchronized. To make things worse, it can be hard to check on your content or get it back from a physical storage device, should you ever actually need it. And even though storing copies on backup tapes in a nearby building might seem like a cost-effective way to safeguard data, retrieving those tapes to restore a corrupt or deleted file is usually a multi-day job.

The Solution:

With DuraCloud, you can update and retrieve archived content without leaving your desk. We make it easy to upload and download content from various cloud storage providers through a simple web-based interface. And with our automatic synchronization service, you don’t have to upload all of your content again every time you update copies. Our services also make sure that all of your backup copies are kept synchronized in the cloud, regardless of what storage providers you use. And because our service integrates easily with DSpace, Fedora, and other repositories, it's easy to turn backup into a normal, everyday job. Online backup might be a complicated task, but we make it seem simple.

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