Get Started

Getting started with DuraCloud is as easy as following the three simple steps outlined below...

  1. Create a DuraCloud account by subscribing today (or if you're not ready to subscribe, sign up for a trial account);
  2. Determine which subscription plan is best for you as well as which secondary cloud storage providers you would like to to store your content with (you can choose from Amazon Glacier, San Diego Supercomputer Cloud storage, and/or Rackspace Cloudfiles); and
  3. Transfer content, of any format, you would like to backup and store in DuraCloud (through the web interface, the upload utility, and/or the standard apis).

DuraCloud is the only service that allows you to load your content with one click and then have it automatically stored with multiple cloud providers.

And don't forget, DuraCloud keeps your content safe by...

  • Checking your content to make sure nothing was lost or changed during the transfer. This check is done by calculating the checksum value for each individual file that you transfer to DuraCloud.

There is so much more to do with your content once it's in DuraCloud, such as...

  • Viewing your content
  • Checking the health of your content, any time you want
  • Streaming video and audio files
  • Embedding content in your own applications
  • Replicating and synchronizing your content to one or more secondary cloud storage providers


For more information about getting started with DuraCloud, please visit the documentation or download the brochure.

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