Cloud Broker

The Problem:

Establishing relationships with multiple cloud vendors can be daunting. Even after the relationships are established, you still have the task of integrating with various vendor technologies. And what happens to your content when a vendor goes out of business? How do you get your content out and stored safely with another vendor?

The Solution:

DuraCloud gives you just one relationship to manage, one annual bill, and one web-based interface to all of your content. We give you the flexibility to store your content with various cloud storage providers, but we are your single point of contact. And if one cloud provider goes out of business, that's no problem - we'll find you another. With DuraCloud, you never have to worry about your content being locked-in because you can upload and download from our web interface any time you’d like. DuraCloud is supported by the not-for-profit organization, DuraSpace, and is powered by open source software. Unlike typical vendors, we work directly with our community of users in order to continually develop the DuraCloud service to meet your needs.

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